Employment Police Check

Add a competitive Edge to your Resume with an online police check.

Employment Police Check

Are you looking for your next job or position?

As a job seeker, including a national police history check (NPHC) or an employment police check with your resume can help it to stand out from all the other CVs. It adds a professional edge to your application, and provides potential employers with additional reassurance. In fact, a police criminal record check can even be the final piece of the puzzle that helps you to get over the line and secure an interview.

If you’d like to add an NPHC to your resume, you can get started right away. Most results are received in only one day, so applying is fast and easy.

Other than job seekers, our employee ID checks are also for:

  • Volunteers
  • Home Service Providers or House Sitters
  • Child-Minding Service Providers
  • Rental Applicants
  • Tradesmen

No matter where you are in Australia, we can provide an employee criminal record check, which are recognised nationwide.

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Skip Long Queues and Unnecessary Paperwork

As one of Australia’s emerging checking and verification service providers, we have helped many individuals get the checks they need to study, work, volunteer or to have their license approved. We have helped them skip long queues and unnecessary paperwork.

Simple and Fast Application Process

Because we understand that our clients are busy people, our intuitive online ordering system is especially designed to simplify the employment police check application process. You simply need to place an order, complete the online form and upload 100 points of ID. You will then receive your National Police History check within ten business days – or sooner.

Our service is fast because we are accredited by the Australian Government’s Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC). That means we can directly process your application through the National Criminal History Database.

In addition, you can make an online payment with most major credit cards. Once we process your payment, you can complete the rest of the application process online. You can apply wherever, whether you are at the office or on the road – no need to go to the local police station or queue at Australia Post to perform a check.

Two Types of Police Checks

We offer both Standard Checks and Volunteer Checks. If you need a police check for employment or commercial purposes, choose the former. If you need a check to do any work placement or unpaid volunteer work, choose the latter.

Are Police Checks Mandatory?

Each Australian state and territory has different rules about which industries require NPHCs. However, most states and territories require you to have a police check if you’ll be working (or volunteering) in a child-related role, such as working at a school or child care facility.

Even if it isn’t mandatory, including an NPHC with your résumé is a great idea if you’re applying for a position of trust. This could include a role where you’ll be handling cash, working unsupervised, or working with vulnerable people such as those with disabilities, elderly people, and children. (Because Ruswin Vetting is an accredited Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) broker, we provide NPHCs that are fully compliant with the Aged Care Act 1997.)

Police checks are also great if you’re planning on working overseas, as they provide additional reassurance to any potential employers – especially those who would normally conduct an equivalent check in the country you’re working in. (However, please note that if you’re applying for a visa, you’ll require an AFP check instead.)

Volunteers are required to provide a police check as well, to help organisations assess their suitability for a role. This is especially important if volunteers are working with individuals who are vulnerable, such as the elderly, children, or persons with disability.

How do I get an NPHC?

At Fast Police Checks by Ruswin Vetting, you can apply for a police check online. It only takes a few minutes, and most results are received within 24 hours. Simply click here to get started. You can also call into one of our retail stores to lodge an application in person. Find your nearest Ruswin store here.


Standard police checks: $48.40 (incl. GST)

Volunteer police checks: $30.80 (incl. GST)

Add-on hard copy certificate: $4.95 (incl. GST)