Why More Employers Are Investing In Police Checks

Why More Employers Are Investing In Police Checks

More and more employers are seeing the value of adding police checks in their applicant screening process. Last year, around 4.3 million police checks were processed by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission. That means, in 2016, the ACIC processed an average of 17,400 checks every working day.

This is a huge jump compared to the figures in 2004 where ACIC only processed about a million police checks. Before, only high-profile companies and institutions, as well as sectors required by law such as child care and health care, had police checks conducted for their candidates. Today even fast food and manufacturing industries, including small businesses check their candidate’s histories.

Here we discuss how a national police check can help employers mitigate their people risk, establish a good reputation and help their employees maintain a good record.

Protect Business

The most obvious reason for police checks is to protect one’s business. Conducting a police check allows employers to determine if their applicant has a criminal history that is directly related to the position being applied for.

Employers have a duty to their customers/clients and their other employees, and they are liable for their new hire’s misconduct towards them. It is also in an employer’s best interest to protect his/her business’ assets.

In the Global Economic Crime Survey, the crimes most organisations have experienced are theft, procurement fraud, bribery and corruption, cybercrime and accounting fraud. The risk of these crimes can be minimised with national police checks.

Put Customer’s Minds at Ease

With tough times, clients and consumers now seek services of businesses who vouch for the trustworthiness of their employees. Aside from the education, justice and healthcare sectors, this is especially true for at-home services such as installations or repairs. Customers want to know that the staff they let in their homes work professionally and are trustworthy.

Promote Good Employee Conduct

Employers add annual police checks in their policy to ensure that none of their employees have any violation that can affect the safety of other employees, customers and the business’ reputation. Having this policy can help employees be more aware of their actions and avoid any conduct that could cost them their employment.

You can also give your business, employees and customers the protection they deserve. Contact us today for fast and reliable national police checks.

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