4 Things You Should Know When Conducting Background Checks

4 Things You Should Know When Conducting Background Checks

As employers, it is natural to want to hire only reliable people to join your company. When assigning responsibilities, you want to minimise the risk of anyone taking advantage of you. One way you can have peace of mind is by running criminal record checks for employment or by checking your candidate’s resume to see if they have already undertaken a police check.

Our company uses fast and effective methods to enable our clients to execute background checks. Before running your first request, there are some things you need to understand.

Exclusions from the Records

In most cases, convictions that are over ten years old are removed from the record, according to the Commonwealth spent convictions scheme. For juvenile cases, this period is reduced to five years. However, this rule doesn’t apply in all situations. The exclusions can be disregarded depending on the purpose of the police check, especially for more sensitive job positions.  

Telling Job Applicants

Your applicants must consent to a police check being conducted. To avoid problems, it is good practice to specify on the advertisement that a background check will be required. Depending on the kind job being advertised, it may be helpful to remind prospective applicants that a criminal record need not automatically bar them from being considered for the position.

Asking About It During Interviews

Employers may ask interviewees about their criminal history, but only if it is relevant to the position they want to fill. It is also possible to ask why the interviewee left a previous job especially if it involved a misdemeanour.

Handling of the Documents

The law requires that employers handle police checked documents with care. The documents must be destroyed after six months or after an employment decision has been reached. For clarity, it is a good idea to replace the background check with a document that states that a police check has been conducted and a decision has been reached.

The use of police checks when employing someone is a great tool for human resources. It ensures every applicant is truthfully representing themselves and adds an extra level of security to the recruitment process. At Fast Police Checks, we can help execute these processes without a hitch.

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