Background Checks Matter!

Background Checks Matter!

A thriving workplace can be a challenging environment. After all, it isn’t always easy to motivate people to give their all, when it comes to work.  But, when you create an environment that is dynamic and conducive to a good work ethic, then the challenge is not as great as you may think. 

One essential aspect towards creating this environment is keeping the office safe and free from potential threats. We are not talking about burglaries, break-ins and invasions, either. What concerns us is a more internal matter – namely, making sure you hire the right employees. As an employer, it is one of your most important priorities to keep your company from individuals who may do more harm than good. More than that, your employees must meet a certain requirement. This means clearing their police background and determining if they have no record or past behaviour that may make them unsuitable for the particular kind of work.

A surprising discovery, however, in your search for potential employees, is the finding that people from an economically disadvantaged background may outperform those from more comfortable upbringings. We at Fast Police Checks will not make any judgments, but we will say that there is some evidence which points to this.

“A Filtering Mechanism”

Research conducted by Dr. Oleg Chuprinin from the University of NSW and Denis Sosyura from the University of Michigan in America discovered that investment managers from an economically disadvantaged background generally averaged two percentage points higher than their counterparts from a more comfortable upbringing. The researchers even added that no matter what metric they looked at, the results stayed the same. Admittedly, though, the observations were not gathered from current data. Further, the researchers strongly stated that managers from poorer families are not necessarily more skilled, per se; but it shows that candidates from richer families undergo a less stringent screening process (as such, even those who are not exactly skilled make the cut; whereas only the truly skilled from less fortunate backgrounds get on the roster). 

Regardless of how you may feel about this, one thing that is evident in the particular study – all other aspects notwithstanding – is the important role of the vetting process when it comes to employee selection. It is a valuable trend for employers and it helps to have reliable partner agencies that can contribute to this method of selection. As an ACIC (Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission) accredited agency, we are able to access the National Police Checking Service (NPCS) and conduct a faster, more efficient background clearing process.

It has happened, in recent months, that the - bottleneck in the clearance process was on account of the government  itself. This is a serious matter and has resulted in missed employment opportunities, as well as jobs lost. This is why in the matter of police clearances, it pays to work with a trusted provider of vetting services – and it pays to apply for the background check with time to spare. 

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