How Hiring the Wrong Person Impacts Your Business

How Hiring the Wrong Person Impacts Your Business

Hiring the wrong person costs you money. It can cost you half to two-thirds of your new employee’s salary. But that is not the only impact of a bad hire. Employing the wrong person affects your business’ overall productivity, your staff’s morale and your relationship with your clients.


When you hire the wrong person, they need more supervision, affecting the productivity of his supervisor and team. If the problem is the employee’s attitude or work ethic, this creates a stressful situation for other employees and requires the supervisor’s time addressing the problem. Consequently, this affects team morale.

Team Morale

Due to underperformance or time lost addressing problems, other members often have to pick up the slack, tiring them out. This can also negatively affect employees’ perception of the hiring manager for employing someone who is a wrong fit for the position.

Business Reputation and Client Satisfaction

A person who is inept or has a displeasing personality can affect your business’ reputation. Your employees are representatives of your organisation. If they leave your clients unsatisfied or worse still, display unacceptable behaviour towards a client, your other clients may be discouraged from doing further business with you.

Protect Your Business

Don’t rush

It was once published in Forbes that ‘a bad candidate is worse than no candidate’ and for the reasons stated above, you’d probably agree. It’s understandable that you immediately want to employ a seemingly suitable candidate. But with the costs of legally terminating a bad hire, is it worth filling in the vacancy?

Have a stringent screening process

CVs can be varnished, and some people are good at interviews. Performing a thorough background check gives you a stronger insight of a candidate’s proficiency and character.

Numerous employers now advertise the requirement of police checks for their screening process. Requesting a police check certificate might reveal if the applicant has a criminal history that may affect their ability to perform the role required of them. 

Fast Police Checks offers a national police history check service for employers across Australia. With our services, you can apply for a criminal record check online. Register for a corporate account now. 

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