How to Ace Your Rental Application

How to Ace Your Rental Application

Applying to rent a property in Australia can be a cutthroat and brutal process; it can leave you physically and emotionally exhausted. Experienced applicants know that they might show up at a property for a viewing to find themselves waiting under the blazing sun in a long queue that goes down the street with a frazzled real estate agent trying to accommodate everyone. On top of that, you end up viewing a property that does not exactly match the listing pictures you saw online.

It is normal to feel hopeless, especially with the competition and the national vacancy rates sitting below three per cent. But with a great mindset and the right preparation, your rental application can be less stressful and successful.

Be Punctual and Stick to the Agreed Time

Being on time is common courtesy, especially when you are the only one inspecting the property. Real estate agents commonly have back-to-back inspections happening all in one day – skipping from one property to another – so being late could disrupt the agent's schedule for the day and could give the agent an unpleasant impression of you.

If you are viewing a property in the suburbs, being on time, however, means coming 'early' as there will be a long line for the viewing. It would be better to be at the nearer half of the queue than to be at the tail end and wait for hours.

Dress Up and Make a Good Impression

Speaking of good impressions, it is highly recommended that you go out of your way to be memorable, and in a good way. The agent meets a lot of people on a regular basis so it is important that you stand out from the other applicants.

For starters, make yourself presentable so you can give the impression that you are a serious applicant that is keen on securing the property. We are not saying you should show up dressed in a suit or a formal dress, but a decent outfit reflects responsibility and financial stability, which are two positive traits that agents and landlords look for in a prospective tenant.

Ask Questions But Be Polite

Another great way to do that is by showing your interest and asking questions. Engaging with the agent will definitely make you stand out from the other applicants.

But be mindful and be courteous. Asking for bargains and repairs is fine – if you are the only one viewing the property. This might not fly well if there are a dozen more applicants after the same property. Being pleasant, rather than pushy, will put you on the good side of the agent.

Come Prepared with the Necessary Documents

Finally, the most important thing is to come prepared with clean and complete documents. All of the efforts above would be for nothing if you do not have your documents with you. While it does not hurt to be over-prepared, you do not want to overwhelm your agent by bringing a lot of papers with you. Just make sure you got the essentials down like your valid ID, cover letter, pay slips or proof employment and your national police history check (NPHC).

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