Promoting an Affirmative Culture around Police History Checks

Promoting an Affirmative Culture around Police History Checks

Conducting an annual national police history check (NPHC), or background check, helps protect your business’ tangible and intangible assets. Police background checks are an effective part of a risk mitigation plan, helping fulfil your responsibility to clients, employees and other parties who may interact with your business.

Background checks, however, can create an atmosphere of resentment and fear as some employees will feel mistrusted. Others will feel anxious about what the screening will reveal.  As a manager or business owner, here is what you can do to help your employees feel more at ease.

Have a Well Written Policy

Having a clear screening policy establishes background checks as part of your employment strategy and not as a way of targetting anyone specifically. If you already have a policy, review the screening objectives and check if the procedure is clearly explained.

Discussing the Requirement and Procedure with your Employees

Aside from releasing a memo, have a staff meeting to discuss the policy. This allows you to explain the importance of a background check to your employees. The meeting also provides staff with a chance to ask questions about the policy, creating a venue for dialogue. The earlier you address their concerns, the better.

For businesses that have an established policy, a staff meeting before the annual police check allows you to reiterate its purpose and benefits. Explain that not all criminal records will result in a dismissal, but only those that directly affect a staff member's ability to perform his or her role. Also, discuss staff rights under the Anti-Discrimination Act, to reassure that your employees will not be discriminated against for past actions.

The overall aim is to help employees realise that the procedure is done for everyone’s safety and security in the work environment.

Fast Police Checks offers an annual NPHC service to businesses. With us, you can assure your employees that their privacy is treated with utmost importance. Our police check process is completely online for your convenience. Apply for a national police history check today.

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