Responsible Background Checking: Protecting Candidates' Data

Responsible Background Checking: Protecting Candidates' Data

Requesting for resumes, background check certificates and other personal data makes recruiters liable for their candidates’ personal information. With the rampancy of cybercrimes, unprotected e-mails and unsecured internet connections can put organisations at risk of getting charged with offenses relating to data protection or privacy acts.

Organisations must take preventive measures to ensure that the information in their database and e-mails are protected. If your company does not have a set protocol yet, or you are reviewing your current protocol, consider these practices:

Do not gather sensitive and irrelevant data.

If a person is not yet your employee, do you really have to ask for personal details of their next of kin or their bank account? Or if a candidate hasn’t been shortlisted for an offer yet, do you really need a copy of their payslip? Reviewing the data that you need during the different stages of recruitment significantly reduces the data you have to protect, and the information you have to properly dispose of.

Have a clear policy for disposing of unsuccessful candidates’ data.

Consult your IT department or security software vendors on the best way to properly dispose of electronic data. If you want to keep unsuccessful candidates’ files for future job openings, make sure your policy states how long you will keep the candidates’ personal information and how you can store their data securely.

Heighten your system’s security.

Make sure your computer has secure passwords (and not something that can be easily guessed). Have your systems security software checked and regularly upgraded to ensure that you are protected from new hacking techniques and viruses. You can also heighten your systems security by using e-mail encryption and storing files in folders that require passwords.

Managing the charges for violation of data protection and privacy laws is no walk in the park. Aside from dealing with legal proceedings and legal fees, you have to manage how this affects your business reputation. Here at Fast Police Checks, we help businesses comply with regulations on privacy and data protection. We adhere to Australian Privacy Standards and use SSL encryption security.

For more questions on our security standards or our online police check service, contact us today.

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