The Importance of Implementing a Comprehensive Background Check

The Importance of Implementing a Comprehensive Background Check

Almost all employers require applicants to hand over a national police record check as one of their pre-employment documents. As part of a risk management programme, it’s a best practice for organisations to develop an effective police check policy to prevent discrimination and create a positive work environment. This policy must be properly communicated to current employees and potential job candidates so that they understand a company’s objectives in conducting police checks.

Why Require a Police Check?

A police check policy sets out the employer’s legal obligations under anti-discrimination laws and assures that potential employees will not be handled unjustly due to their criminal history. This avoids misunderstandings that can potentially disrupt the productivity and welfare of employees.

The Australian Human Rights Commission highly recommends that employers consider the requirements of each position they offer. They should be able to identify the types of crime that are relevant to that position prior to the job advertisement or before an employee is requested to obtain a police check.

Improving Regulatory Compliance

Employers face regulation or certification requirements when hiring applicants. There are different state guidelines for issues such as eligibility and certification.

For instance, healthcare and financial companies have several industry-specific state regulations from governing authorities and licensing companies. Failure to comply with regulations or certification results in hefty fines, placement under a restrictive audit or probation by a regulator.

To ensure that your applicants comply with the necessary licenses and certificates, an automated police check system can mitigate litigation and compliance risks. An online system can provide reminders and parameters, and streamline regulatory requirements for workers in one intuitive view.

Saving Reputation

With an efficient police check programme, you can identify potentially harmful individuals easily. An online system can spot any red flags in an applicant’s history. It reduces the risk of on-the-job fraud, violence, abuse and negligence, all of which can result in costly litigation and damage a company’s reputation.

An automated police check system from a reliable provider can bundle multiple screening practices in one system to help companies save time on their recruitment process.

Reduce Employee Turnover

Having a police check policy helps prevent from making bad hiring decisions and dealing with the resulting employee turnover. Evaluating the results of an applicant’s police check can be used to determine their integrity. A streamlined approach to police checking can quickly eliminate applicants with a criminal record or a history of harmful or negligent behaviour.

A Police Check System for Employers

Fast Police Checks offers an online police check system for employers who wish to streamline their recruitment process. With our help, your company’s recruitment specialists don’t need to spend time going through a complicated and tedious process. Our online police check eliminates the need to go to the local police and deal with time-consuming paperwork, queues and snail mail. By following three simple steps, you can obtain an online police check whenever, wherever you are.

We are accredited by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission. This means we provide accurate and affordable police checking for all industries. To learn more about our online police checks, visit our FAQs page or contact us today.

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