What Home Service Providers Need to Know about Police Checks

What Home Service Providers Need to Know about Police Checks

Australians seek home service providers for many needs, from computer repairs and plumbing to pool maintenance and house cleaning. What’s common for all home services is that they involve customers inviting staff into their homes. The service provider is hired into the house with a certain amount of trust, so selecting a credible company for the service is common sense.

To increase public safety, the Australian Government has passed legislation requiring a national police record check for home service businesses, particularly for those involved with child care and help for the elderly.  For home service businesses, ensuring their employees are trustworthy and dependable is crucial to protect their business’ reputation, and prevent costly legal fees and fines due to criminal activity at a customer’s home. To reduce the risk of a grievous incident committed by service staff on a call-out, and to comply with the government legislation, many home service providers have improved their employee background screening procedures.

Understanding Business Risk

Background screening helps avoid incidents such as theft and assault. Running a criminal background check helps protect an organisation from recruiting unsafe or unethical workers. It also helps reduce risks associated with breach of contract or negligent hiring claims.

A breach of contract may arise if a business doesn’t fulfill the terms and conditions of its contract with the customer. For instance, if one of their home service staff doesn’t complete the work, damages property or physically or verbally abuses someone in their care. Negligent hiring issues occur when a home service provider commits a crime and a claimant states that the employer should have known that their employee was a risk.

Generally, breach of contract claims and negligent hiring are expensive, often resulting in significant exposure to the public ‒ with a devastating impact on the company’s reputation and overall staff morale.

Right of Applicant

According to the Australian Human Rights Commission report ‘On the Record: Guidelines for the prevention of discrimination in employment on the basis of criminal record’, published in 2012, legislation exists to prevent discrimination based on a background check. Home service businesses must not reject an applicant if he or she has a prior conviction for a crime that is not relevant to their position. Home service businesses should only refuse an applicant based on a crime where they believe the prior offense prevents the applicant from executing the requirements of the job.

Looking for a Background Screening Provider

To ensure that your home service business accepts the right applicants, consider using a reputable background screening provider. Using a background screening provider saves your business time and money by quickly identifying any criminal record of potential employees.

Fast Police Checks provides fast and efficient background checks. We also provide your business with an annual, national police history check so you’re aware of any changes to your employees’ situation. By working with Fast Police Checks, you have the tools necessary to improve the efficiency of hiring reliable employees.

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