What You Can Expect to See in a Police Check

What You Can Expect to See in a Police Check

If you are a job seeker in Australia, the chances are that you will have to submit a Police Check to your employer. You will also need to get an employee ID check when joining charities, non-profit organisations and rental applications, among others.

But what happens when you get one? What can you expect to see in your Police Check?

Name Only Search

In Australia, there are roughly three types of National Police Checks available. The first one is a name only search. The name search is one of the most common checks and is likely the one that your employer will ask for. In this basic check, your full name will be checked against national records.

The name search will check if you have any past criminal records or offences. However, it will not reveal your previous names or aliases, unless you disclose them.

Fingerprint Search

The second type of National Police Check is the name and fingerprint search. This type provides a higher level of security and is often required for Visa applications, immigration, adoptions and more. This search will require that you attend it in person.

Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) Security Assessment

This is a specialised police check for people in sensitive industries. This includes sectors such as mining and agricultural work.

Findings of Guilt and Spent Findings

National Police Checks typically contain all findings of guilt. A finding of guilt is a ruling or a sentence made by a judge - this means that the accused has pled guilty, or is proven guilty in court.

A finding of guilt does not expire and will remain on your record forever. However, it can be hidden from your National Police Check if it becomes a ‘spent finding’.

A spent finding refers to a criminal offence that is older than ten years. In some parts of Australia, your findings of guilt become spent if you were convicted as a minor, though it may vary depending on the severity and nature of the offence. For example, if you are applying for work in child-minding services, spent findings that relate to children will still show up on your Police Check regardless of the time that has passed.

Your Police Check will not include findings of non-guilt or incomplete charges. It will also not include minor traffic infringements such as fines and cautions.

These are just some of the things you can expect to see when you apply for a National Police Check. To apply for an employment police check, contact Fast Police Checks Online today. 

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