Why You Should Get a Police Check Before Volunteering

Why You Should Get a Police Check Before Volunteering

Volunteerism is a noble act. Non-profit organisations (NPO) encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to lend a hand to help children, the disabled or the aged or other worthwhile causes. However, it is still as important for both the volunteer and the organiser to have national police record checks done to ensure the reliability and safety of the volunteer’s efforts.

Understanding the Duty of Care of Organisations

Although volunteering during your free time is often an act from the heart, it is still the responsibility of an organisation to go to lengths to protect their institution. Incorporating police checks may be an excellent way to manage and minimise risks for their tenants and wards. They would, as much as possible, want to tighten screening processes to avoid any harm done to the people for whom they care.

As a volunteer, giving the managers and organisers peace of mind before you begin is extremely helpful.  Organisations initiate police checks in most cases, but individuals may expect one beforehand and prepare them to save time.

More Delicate Roles

Although not all organisations are strict about having their volunteers screened through police checks, these roles may require you to get one:

  • Working with “vulnerable” groups

People included in these groups are children, senior citizens, asylum seekers or people with disabilities. Police checks are a way managers can be reassured about volunteers working within their organisation.

  • Financial duties

Some volunteers may be assigned financial and monetary tasks during their stay. Since they are dealing with funds, having a police check before taking on financial roles may useful.

  • Driving duties

Organisations often conduct police checks on their volunteer drivers to prevent accidents from those with previous records of substance abuse.

Fast Police Checks allow volunteers to apply for a national police history check online. Upload documentary evidence of your volunteering activities, including your name and a statement that you are doing volunteer work. Contact us for more information.

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